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The Christian Duty

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The Biblical History Of Salvation

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40 Verified Historical Facts About Israel

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Pascal's Wager V1.2

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Gods Are Fragile Things...

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Who Do You Trust

God of Sinai; God of Zion

Christians Compromising With Pseudo-Science

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About these links:

These links will take you to a wealth of information about Christianity, the religions, cults and related subjects.
Recommended for the serious truth seeker.

(If anyone knows of any other excellent apologetics sites, I would be eager to have a look- so feel free to e-mail me about them.)

Recommended Links
Bible Study on Jesus Christ Offers the teachings of Jesus and how they interrelate. Follow your interests and always be on a path of related Christian teachings. An innovative online Bible study.
Christian Thinktank A great resource for understanding the tri-unity in depth and many other subjects.
Crosswalk Online Hebrew and Greek Lexicon
Protestant Apologetics and Theology Much logical and well presented information in the defence of Christianity and exposes' of many fallacies

Blue Letter Bible Varied Bible versions with Hebrew and Greek concordance.
Let us Reason ministries An excellent apologetics site with many many articles covering many subjects.
For An Answer For An Answer is an Evangelical Christian ministry dedicated to defending the Historic Christian Faith.  We believe the Bible to be God's inerrant Word.  We believe God's Word to be sufficient for any endeavor, including and especially defending our faith.
Cult awareness and information centre A thorough site for learning about Bible based cults and other faiths.
Jesus Net Free Christian Internet Resources.

Evolution Facts Creation science is not an oxymoron- see for yourself
Rapture Ready

Well done site for learning about the lies and truths concerning the rapture

Tektonitron Encyclopedia Apologetica Many articles refuting the most common misconceptions in regards to Bible 'contradictions' and other 'problems'
C.A.R.M. To equip Christians with the truth, to expose the error of false religious systems, evolution, to teach apologetics, help Christians defend the faith, and to glorify the Lord Jesus.