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Please make your questions direct and to the point;
your suggestions civil and reasonable;
and your comments Godly and respectful, thank you.

I have learned that when it comes to theological issues, there are two* types of unbeliever:

One asks questions in expectant hope of an answer;

The other asks in expectant hope that there is no answer. 

The former geniunely wishes to learn, whilst the latter yearns for any excuse for their disbelief. (no matter how irrational, petty or untrue) 

And so whatever you supply them, no matter how solid and logical the research and evidence is, they will evade it, deny it and attempt to turn it around on you to cause hostility and

needless arguments, all for the end goal of not having to admit it.

Therefore those whom are not truly and genuinely wishing answers, instead, wanting to play the 'try to stump the Christian' game without bothering to read (carefully) the contents of

this site first need not reply as they will be deleted unanswered.

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NOTE: those who are emailing in regards to their removal from the WHY?Outreach facebook page for violation of THE RULES need not bother

as their correspondence will also be deleted unread.

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